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by John Watney | Last Updated: December 17, 2019

In 1956, the first Payless Store was founded by the shaol and louis pozez. The company have their origin in Topeka, Kansas. In 1961, they went public with the name Volume Shoe Corporation. In 1979, the company has merged with the May Department stores. By the end of 1996, they separated as independent company.

Further, it was co-purchased by Blum Capital, Wolverine Worldwide and Golden Gate Capital for $1.32 billion dollars in 2012.

Now, they are dealing in various items that everyone likes to have at their Payless outlets. If you have never visited Payless store or never bought anything from Payless store then you are missing out the best shopping experience while living in the United States.

Now, they have featured the TellPayless Survey i.e. their customer satisfactory survey. Participants have to give feedback and suggestions based on their last visit at Payless store and get discount coupon.

Steps to Complete the TellPayless Survey and Get $5 Off Discount Coupon

What is TellPayless Customer Satisfactory Survey?

• The TellPayless Survey is a customer satisfactory survey where customers can give their valuable opinions, suggestions, complaints and get discount coupon in return.

• You can give ratings to the questions. In the survey, good number of questions will appear on the screen.

• If there will be a negative review or suggestions then they will think and act upon it in order to deliver improved service to their customers in their future visit to the Payless store.

• All the questions will be related to your recent visit to Payless Retail store like cleanliness of the store, co-operatives of the working staff, availability of the products, price, quality of the products and much more.

• The answering system is based on scaling framework that includes rating options like Highly Satisfied, Satisfied, Neither Satisfied nor Dissatisfied, Dissatisfied, Highly Dissatisfied.

• By completing the survey, participants will be eligible to win $5 off discount coupon. You can avail the discount coupon when the next time you visit at Payless store.

Required Things for Complying the TellPayless Survey

There are some required things that need to be completed in order to participate in the Payless’s official TellPayless Survey. So, make sure to fulfill below requirements to begin with TellPayless Survey.

1. You will need a Smartphone/ Tablet/ Desktop/ Laptop.

2. A valid purchase receipt from your recent Payless retail store visit.

3. Fast internet connection and patience.

Rules to Consider for Completing the TellPayless Survey

1. The Applicant’s age must be 18 or above at the time of participating in this TellPayless Survey.

2. The survey code of 13 digits must be clearly printed on your recent purchase receipt from Payless retail store.

3. The participants must not have any relationship with any staff member/ employees/ directors of Payless retail stores.

4. Applicant must be familiar with English or Spanish language.

5. You cannot redeem the discount coupon it for cash.

6. Make sure to provide your email and phone number at the end of the survey because selected winners will be informed by email or phone number.

7. You can only redeem the discount coupon on your next visit to Payless retail store.

8. The purchase receipt is valid only for 14 days to take the TellPayless survey.

9. One purchase receipt with survey code is valid only for one purchase.

10. The residents of the United States can only participate in the TellPayless Survey.

Benefits to Avail by Completing TellPayless Survey

Just follow and execute the below guide completely to get the rewards. Once you complete the survey then you will be rewarded with discount coupon. Everyone who completes the survey will get $5 off discount coupon to use on their next visit at Payless outlet.

It is highly recommended to give feedback and suggestions honestly because it will be going to give head of Payless a real figure of how their products and services are. They will fill the gaps and improve their services.

Steps to Complete the TellPayless Survey and Get $5 Off Discount Coupon

Follow below steps to complete the TellPayless Survey and win $5 off discount coupon.

1. Open any web browser and search for TellPayless Survey.

2. Or, you can type the below address in the browser’s address bar:

Steps to Complete the TellPayless Survey and Get $5 Off Discount Coupon


3. Now, select the language in which you want to proceed — English or Spanish.

Steps to Complete the TellPayless Survey and Get $5 Off Discount Coupon

4. Look at the purchase receipt you received from Payless outlet. There you will find the 13 digit survey code printed on purchase receipt.

5. Enter the same 13 digit survey code in the required field on the screen.

6. Now, the survey will start.

7. Answer all asked questions. All the questions will be related to your last visit experience at Payless store.

8. Behavior of staff, cleanliness of the outlet, price of their products, accuracy of their service, customer satisfaction, quality and availability of the products are some topics of the asked questions.

9. It is recommended to answer all the questions honestly. As it will improve their service to obtain the customer satisfaction.

10. Here, the survey ends. Now, you will get the $5 off discount coupon.

11. Congrats! On successfully completing the TellPayless Survey and get the $5 off discount coupon. You can avail this discount coupon the next time visit at Payless store.

Any Issues?

Facing any issues? Kindly contact Payless customer service to get official assistance. The Payless Customer service number and email address is given below to get assistance.

 Email Address of Payless:-

The Email address of Payless is given below. Drop your queries and issues on the mail then they will revert with the solution:

[email protected]

Payless Customer Service Contact Number

The Customer service contact number of Payless is given below. You can call on this number and get instant support.

• 18774746379

Payless Store Open Hours:

The open hours of Payless store are as follows:

• Monday – Sunday: 07:30 AM to 12:00 AM CST.

TellPayless Website:

You can also visit the TellPayless website. The website is as follows:


Summing Up:-

Follow the above awesome guide to complete TellPayless Survey and win $5 off discount coupon. Share this helpful article with your friends and family members to let them know about the appropriate procedure to Complete the TellPayless Survey and Win $5 off discount coupon.

Comment below if you face any problems while completing the TellPayless Survey. We will give our best to solve your queries. Also, comment below if you won the $5 off discount.